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Different Sizes and Types of Removable Vans

It is a must to research for the right size of a removable van to hire if you are planning for a house removal. The price of each van varies depending on the sizes. So you have to determine the right size of van you need to hire for your home removals. Choose one that can accommodate all of your items for economical purposes.
1. Light Van
This van provides 250 cubic feet space which is perfect for small apartment owners. There are 2 available employees to remove your things. The maximum number of hours they will give you is 2 hours.
2. Medium Van
This one has 500 cubic feet of space. It is a good moving vehicle for larger apartments. Two workers will help you do the job and offer you in 3-hour work.
3. Large Van or 3.5 t Large Luton
The ideal removal vehicle for 2 to 3 bedrooms flat is this large van with 700 cubic feet space. The company that has this type of van will provide 3 of their employees to help you up to 5 hours of time.
4. 7.5 t Lorry
This will give you 1,150 cubic feet of space and is good for 3 bedroom or 2 large bedroom properties. There will be 3 employees who can work for 6 hours.
Some companies charge extra fee for removals on weekends.
These are the different types and sizes of removal vans. Identifying the perfect size for your needs is important so you can avoid paying too much amount of money for a large van if your things can fit in a smaller van.