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Don't Use Any Old Carton Box when Moving: Use Professional-Grade Removalist Boxes

Moving is an exciting experience to look forward to because you can start afresh at a new place, but it is also equally daunting because of the dozens of details that you need to iron out prior to a move. You have to call a removals company, buy packing supplies, organize your things, cancel your subscriptions - the list is practically endless!
However, you should not get lost in the chaos of it at all. What you can do instead is make a list and cross out the individual tasks that you need to perform one at a time. By doing so, you will not feel overwhelmed at all with the number of things that you have to do prior to, during and after a move.
Counting Down the Removalist Boxes that You Would Need
Among the many tasks that you have to cross off your list is packing. For this, it does not pay to simply use any old carton box that you have at home. Using professional-grade removalist boxes is a must, especially for packing specialized items like your pricey LCD TV or state-of-the-art speaker system. Here's a quick look at the removalist boxes that you would need during a move:
    Professional-grade removalist boxes.
How exactly do professional-grade removalist boxes differ from old carton boxes? When you load a carton box and place it on the moving truck, remember that the movers will pile them one on top of the other. If you will use loaded, ordinary carton boxes, the upper part of the box placed at the bottom can easily get squished from the load of the box on top of it. This is not a problem that you would have to deal with when using professional-grade removals boxes.
They are designed to not get crushed despite having a heavy load on top of it. They are also made from stronger material as compared to regular carton boxes. Buy them from the removals company who you will hire to do the moving for you - professional-grade moving boxes are usually not available in supermarkets.
    Boxes for small, fragile items.
Next, use small boxes for fragile items. Wrap your grandmother's china, expensive vases and other glassware individually. Before placing them inside a box, make sure that there is a cushion inside to prevent the items from breaking during a move.
    Boxes for large items.
Ask the removals company if they can give you free use of professional wardrobe boxes. Contour packing may be necessary for other large items. For your electrical appliances, keep them in their original boxes if possible.
    Wrapping and packing big furniture pieces.
Finally, use cushioned craft paper to wrap furniture pieces. This way, the surface will not be scratched during the move even if the movers place other boxes on top of it.
By using professional-grade moving boxes and knowing how to wrap other items properly, you can do a good job of packing and eliminate the possibility of having your things broken or damaged during transport.