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Essential Tips on Moving and Packing by Yourself

When moving and packing your possession by yourself it is vital that you start as early as possible, this will enable a less stressful time whilst moving. It is vital that you follow health and safety measures whilst lifting heavy or awkward objects has accident can and will happen and it will be disastrous to incur such an injury in the middle of moving home. Below are 8 essential tips to ensure you have a smooth moving experience. 1.    Firstly it is a good idea to keep all essential items at hand whilst moving, such items can include, your keys in particular your home, car, wardrobe and filling cabinets.  Y our remote controls, this can cause serious frustration is misplaced, the last thing you will want to be searching for when you are trying to relax after a hard days moving is the remote control.  Any screws bolts, nuts for reassembling your furniture also your tool box will come in handing when reassembling your furniture.  Keep light bulbs amongst your essential items has you will no doubt be working into the night in your new home. Moving and unpacking can be thirsty work so make sure you have your kettle, cups and tea bags at hand.  A first aid kit is also essential for you to get your hands on quickly in an emergency.  Place all your money, jewellery and valuables in one place so that they can easily be found and put away in your move. Lastly don’t forget the toilet roll. It is a good idea to place all the above items in a secure box and label it well so it is easily identified when you move in.2.    If you lack space it may be worth considering to flat pack your beds, wardrobes and other bulky items whilst in the move, this may ensure that they arrive safer in your new home.3.    For all your large home appliances it is advisable to disconnect your fridges and freezers at least 24 hours before you move, but remember at defrosted food cannot be refrozen due to food posing, so it is a good idea to try and consume your frozen foods in the previous weeks before the move and only buy essential items.4.    Don not forget to empty your attic, there may be sentimental or value items that you have stored years previous that can easily be left behind, it is a good idea to dedicate a weekend to remove all item from your attic and have a good sort out beforehand.5.    Do not water your potted plants immediately before you move this will not only make your planets become heavier but may also cause a leak on your household goods.6.    Ensure that all your delicate items such as glassware, china, framed photographs and lamps are securely wrapped in bubble wrap and clearly marked as fragile to ensure that there is less chance of breakage, it is also advisable to load such items in your own vehicle to minimise damage.7.    Ensure that all your moving containers are labelled or coloured coordinated or both this will make it easier when moving into your new home has the relevant boxes can be stored in the correct places before being unpacked.8.    Lastly never over fill your packing boxes, ensure that boxes are securely taped down and are not too heavy, this will minimise the risk of items getting damage even before you move.