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How to Care for Your Cats When Moving

When you are moving with your cats to a new location, there are a few tips you should consider. Cats can become confused and nervous during a move. Here are the tips to follow:   * Put your Cats in a Carrier   Placing your cats in a pet kennel carrier helps them feel assured that they are not being left behind. During a removal, a pet can become insecure when it sees you packing boxes, loading items into trucks that obviously look you are really leaving your home. It is important that the cat is reassured that he will join you during the move. You can sedate him by giving motion sickness pills from the veterinarian before the moving day.   * Give Special Care and Time   Be sure that the collars of your cats have your name and cell phone number. You can also have vets implant microchips on it to help you locate your pet in it gets lost. The best thing to do is to always be with your cats to keep them confined, especially during the first few weeks of a new home transition. Their anxiety can cause them to runaway and feel abandoned, especially on the later part of the packing.   * Allow Time to Adjust for Territory   Cats need to mark its territory in order for it to come back home in case it gets lost.  You have to allow time for this kind of process to occur if they are an outdoor pet. However they should be cautiously confined during this adjustment period.   These are the tips on how to take care of your cats on moving day and on the first few weeks of your new home transition.