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How to Save Money on Packaging Materials for your Removal

Removals are not cheap at all, regardless of whether you are doing it on your own or hiring a removal service to cater to your removal needs. There are so many things to think about from transportation to packing, all of which costs money. Packaging materials take up a fair bit of anyone’s removal budget. If you were to calculate the price for each and every item that you purchase for your packing needs, you will be surprised at the number for sure. So how good would it be if you could cut some of these costs and save yourself some money? Sounds pretty good does it not? This article aims to highlight a few ways in which you will be able to save yourself some money that would normally be spent on packaging materials. You may already have thought of these ways before reading this article in which case well done! If you hadn’t thought of these things prior to reading this article then aren’t you glad you came across this article? The first thing you need to do is go into your garages, attics, sheds or any rooms where you keep your junk and unwanted belongings. Chances are that you are bound to find materials that you can use during a removal. This includes any old, unwanted magazines or newspapers, cardboard boxes and maybe even left over Styrofoam in boxes that your purchased items came in. Alternatively, ask all friends, relatives, neighbours and family members if they have any newspaper, cardboard boxes etc. anywhere in their homes. Remember, the more you collect at this stage, the more money you are going to save in the long haul. Another option is to visit small grocery stores and off licence stores. If you ask nicely, you may find that many owners will agree on giving you some of their left over waste boxes from deliveries etc. They end up getting rid of some of their waste and you get yourself a few boxes – result! Always try packing your items into their original boxes if you still have them. You will see that televisions, stereo systems and microwave boxes will be lines with Styrofoam, so you will not need to purchase any to keep your electrical items safe. If you are packing other belongings into boxes that would require bubble wrap or protective wrap, you can easily substitute these by using newspaper, tissue paper or magazine papers. Make sure that you use many layers to get that padded effect and provide your items with the most protection possible. If you have any items that are white, it is recommended that you do not use newspaper since your items may become stained. In this case, you may wish to use a few layers of tissue paper or just paper towels. If your cardboard boxes have crevices and empty nooks and crannies, you can use small items of clothing such as socks, scarves etc. to stuff them which will fill in the spaces AND provide your items with that little extra bit of extra protection (not to mention it gets rid of your socks so that’s one less thing to pack!) These ideas may seem silly and you may think that purchasing packaging materials is a better way of going about the packing stage. However, if you are truly looking to save some money, this is the perfect way to go about making your packing process cheap and economical, so go for it and don’t look back!