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Loft conversions and uses

One of the main ways in which people are able to add an extra room to their home is by converting the loft into a useable room instead of a place to store the Christmas decorations and anything else you never use but want to keep.  Doing this not only adds value to your home, it also makes it bigger and more desirable, therefore easier to sell.   Converting your loft does not need to be a lengthy or costly process, much of the conversion can be completed by anyone who has basic DIY skills.  Therefore, you can do things like installing a floor or adding a permanent ladder yourself.  If, however, you need to add lighting and an electric supply, radiators or air conditioning or additional windows for example, it may be advisable to hire a professional to do this for you to ensure that it is completed correctly and safely. Once you have converted the loft into a liveable space, it can be used for a wide range of purposes.  Here are some ideas as to how you can utilise your loft conversion: •    An additional bedroom: loft conversions are most typically used as an additional bedroom for mom and dad, older children or as a guest room, and they serve this purpose very well.  Remember that if you intend to use the loft as a bedroom, there are some things (like wardrobes and bookcases) that may not fit due to their height and the slant of the roof, therefore you may have to buy specialised items that will fit, or make some yourself. •    An office space: If you work from home or are self-employed, or even if you just need a quiet space to work out your finances the loft makes an excellent office space.  Not only is the loft probably the quietest part of the house, due to the fact that it is out the way, it is also usually a child free environment meaning you can leave your documents out and about without worrying they are going to get damaged or lost.  Anyone who has worked from home can see the benefits of not having to completely pay away all your important things or hide them away when you want to take a small toilet break or get a quick drink.  Having an office space at home allows you to properly concentrate and get the most out of your time.  If you are intending to use the loft as an office, consider than you will need an electric supply (for computers/printers etc.) as well as internet and a phone line, you may need a professional to sort this out for you. •    A children’s playroom: another alternative use is as a playroom for children. Make sure if this is what you intend to do, that the room is safe, that children can get in and out safely and are never left unattended when playing in there.  Add windows and re-decorate to make the room light and fun looking. Consider separating the room into areas, such as a play area and a craft area etc. •    A television/home cinema/entertainment room: after converting your loft, you may decide to turn it into an ‘adult playroom’ by adding an entertainment system, music system, pool table, computers or game consoles, anything that you consider entertaining would fit perfectly in this room.  If you have children especially, you will appreciate having an adult room full of expensive equipment that you don’t need to worry are going to get broken or ruined by your children.