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Pieces You Can Legally Take when Moving - Tips to Avoid Property Disputes

Personal property disputes usually happen when buyers who have fallen in love with a property's decorative accessories have moved in only to find that the mirrors, blinds and chandeliers were stripped from the house by the previous owner. Disputes also arise when sellers are not aware that some of their decorative accents were included in the sale. How do you determine whether to take an item or not? First of all, there are really no specific laws about the items you can and you can't take when buying or selling a house. Most often, agreements are signed to give both parties an idea of what is included in the package. As a general rule, 'real properties' or items that are completely attached to the house such as staircases, plumbing, roofing and wiring, are required to stay. Chattels are pieces bought by the owner and are easily removed. They are not usually considered as a part of the house. Hence, appliances, potted plants, artworks, mirrors and security systems may be taken off the check list. Removing things like chandeliers and doorknobs is not considered illegal, however it is unethical. If you remove them before the deal is closed, kiss that sale goodbye. If you remove them after the deal is closed, you may face some legal issues.  So whether you are a buyer or a seller, review the agreement carefully before signing it in order to determine who owns what.