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Pros and Cons of Removal Firm Services

You are probably well aware of how daunting and harrowing moving homes can be. If you’ve not already been through the process yourself, you have probably heard more than a fair few anecdotes about how stressful moving can be. Because the entire process is so stressful, it is hardly surprising that the most common form of removal transport is the relocation transport service offered by large removal firms. Why is this not surprising? Because removal firms offer the most hands-on and comprehensive removal service in the market. For the most basic removal service, a removal firm will send over a team of professionals to move everything out of your property, load it onto the van, then drive the vehicle to your new residence and unload the contents of the van into it. But this is just a basic service. Good, large and reputable removal firms offer much more than this. From temporary storage to a full packing service, you’ll be surprised at the range of services offered by removal firms. Here are but a few of those services, as well as the pros and cons of each service: Basic Removal ServiceA basic removal service entails professional removers coming into your home, taking all your packed boxes and furniture out and loading them into the van, and then unloading the contents of the van when they arrive at your new property.Pros:-    Saves you time and effort: moving everything out of your house and loading it into a van is a back-breaking task. -    They’ll do the heavy lifting: lifting all your furniture into a van could leave some of us with hernia. Probably best to leave such a task to the professionals.Cons:-    Price: the only downside is the cost. But for the price you pay, you’ll get the most hands-on and comprehensive removal service in the market.Full packing serviceA full packing service is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: professional packers will come into your home and pack away anything you tell them to.Pros:-    Saves you time: Packing away everything you own can take you anywhere from weeks or months to do.-    You are getting a professional service: the packers sent by the removal firm do this for a living day-in, day-out. They will be able to organise and pack everything up more efficiently than the average Joe can.-    Excellent for fragile items: the packers come armed with the appropriate tools and resources, ensuring that your fragile, delicate, and expensive items will be protected against damages incurred during the move.Cons-    Price: there is really only one con, and that’s the price. Although the service is not as expensive as you think, it will still set you back a fair bit.Temporary Removal StorageIf you’re move out date is a day or two before your move in date, then you could find yourself temporarily homeless. Although you can stay with friends and family, they are unlikely to be approving of the idea that every possession you own should also stay with them. Temporary removal storage offers brief refuge for your belongings.Pros: -    ¬Security: your items will be stored in a secure facility, most likely owned and ran by the removal firm itself.-    Transport: if you have already enlisted the removal firm to transport everything from one home to the other, you won’t need to worry about transporting your items into their temporary storage facility as it will be done for you.Cons:-    You aren’t allowed access to your items: Because the storage is just temporary, most removal storage services will not allow you to access your items until you take them out of storage.