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3 Responsible Things to Do Before Leaving the Old Apartment

When you plan to move out to a new apartment, do you still think about what you should do with the old apartment that you will be leaving?  Here are 3 of the more responsible things that you should consider before leaving the old apartment:
   Since you were the one who made the look of the house old and tired, it is best if you will initiate a repainting on the wall or to the least the external part of the house.  When you see nails that are still pushed onto the wall, it would be best to remove all these and patch the holes created due to the punched nails.
You can tidy up the entire apartment by doing some cleaning on the entire apartment. You can decongest and de-dust the entire apartment.  These are the least things that you can actually do for the next tenants. 
  Surrender all the keys and everything that is not yours to carry.  Do not put the burden of having the keys duplicated by the owner or having the knobs changed just because there are no longer keys to use. 
Leaving the old house requires a few responsible actions from the past owner.  And these are just some of these.