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Survive the First Night in Your New Home

Compared to packing for a move, packing for the first night in your new home is fairly easy. All it takes is proper planning and you can save yourself from additional stress that might occur on your first night.
The best recommendation I can make is to start a packing list the very day you schedule your move. Put in categories like toiletries, blankets, clothes and food. A day prior the moving day, pack them together in one box and label it so you can easily identify your ‘first-night' box.
As soon as you arrive in your new home, you will naturally spend the entire day, unpacking and arranging your stuff. You may not have the energy to cook some food. So, include some ready-to-eat meals inside the box. Alternatively, you can order food from outside.
The next thing you should prepare is big furniture. Normally, people have problems sleeping in their new home. If you have something familiar to sleep on like a large sofa or bed sets, you are assured of a good, refreshing sleep.
When moving with pets, be sure to bring along their necessities as well. Lastly, don't forget to pack all your important documents. I would advise you to pack them along with your ‘first-night' box so you won't have too many boxes to prioritize during the move.