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The Right Way to Prepare Electronics and Appliances for Moving

Have you ever computed how much electronics and appliances you own? You'll surely be amazed to know that these are among the most expensive things you have in your house. That is why these things should be taken cared of properly for the moving. If not, this big investment might be put to waste.
Preparing Appliances
Different appliances need varying preparation tips. Washing machine, for instance, need to be clean and already dry before you place it in its original carton. Make sure that the washing machine's hoses are already disconnected and drained.
Meanwhile, the dryer should also be clean and unplugged. Its lint screen should be clean and dry as well.
Gas range, oven, and stove top should be free of grease before the moving day while your refrigerator and freezer should be dry for the moving.
Small appliances like oven toaster, bread toaster, or waffle makers should have their empty space filled up with paper or its parts should be separately wrapped.
Preparing Electronics
As much as possible, your electronics should be packed in their original cartons. If these are unavailable, you can simply wrap the electronics in a clean cloth or paper to protect electronics against dirt and dust.
Make sure to pad these with bubble wraps before they are put in a sturdy carton. The carton should be labeled and it should indicate that the item is fragile.
Moving electronics and appliances will never be safe and sound without you preparing these expensive things specially for the moving. By following these tips, you are sure to move your things safe and sound.