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Types of Moving Boxes

One of the most essential things when moving your home is the packing supplies. They are of high importance because this is the only way to properly protect your belongings. Tape, moving boxes, bubble wrap, foam and all the other packing materials that are sold nowadays can assure you a smooth and successful move. If your furniture is well wrapped it will suffer no damages during relocation, if your mattress is properly packed it will not get dirty or wet during the move, etc. There are labels that help you mark your belongings so that you know to which area of the house each package belongs. The use of packing supplies is of a great assistance. Moreover, using them is a must.

Of all packing supplies moving boxes are the most popular and used one. They are also the most essential segment of preparation for a move. Reliable and safe transfer of your belongings is largely due to them. So you should pay attention what kind of special  boxes you  need to get for your relocation. They need to fit well and to be strong. Moving boxes vary in shape, size and strength. They can suit every moving need. If you are aware of the different types of moving boxes you can properly choose the one you need. Have a look at the most used types.

depending on your specific needs you can choose between different box sizes. There are small, medium and large boxes. Small moving boxes are created to fit items that are heavy but small in size - like books or CDs or cans. Medium ones are the best option for your needs. They are spacious enough to store most of your items into them, but not so enormous  that they become impossible for you to carry if they are full.  The large boxes should be filled with lighter stuff as old clothes, bedding or your children toys. Make sure you do not overload such a box because it will become impossible to carry. There are extra large boxes, as well but you can find them hard to use. If you have more specific needs you should contact your supplier.

For your hanging clothes you should use the so called wardrobe boxes. They can hold almost a half of a standard closet. They imitate a portable closet  you can keep after relocation. They involve an useful hanger and it is easier for you to move your clothing from it directly in to the box. That is a good way to keep your clothes wrinkle free while transporting them.

If you possess  pictures or mirrors to move you should get picture / mirror moving boxes. As these items are certainly valuable and fragile it's important to pack them correctly. These boxes assure their safe transportation . What you should know about such boxes is that they are suitable to the size of the item. The set is build up of two parts that slide together in order to fit the item you want to move.

There are also special boxes designed for your lamps, for your kitchen, for your TV or for your documentation. The kitchen boxes, for example, have twice the strength of the other moving boxes so you are not obliged  to risk your breakable plates or glasses or bowls.

Knowing that there are a great variety of boxes will help you figure out what exactly you need. Make sure you  find quality boxes at a great price and  the right box for the right item you are packing,. Remember that when it comes to moving the way you pack is just as important as everything else.