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What to Do with Unwanted Items During Removals

Moving house can be a boisterous and confusing time. It can also be an excellent opportunity to bring a touch more clarity to your life. In packing away every one of your possessions, you are offered the chance to examine each individual piece and question whether it really needs to remain in your life. A day spent moving house can offer the opportunity for a ruthless de-cluttering of your life and open you up to a future with far fewer possessions which mean very little and only serve to take up space. But what to do with the items you want rid of? Listed below are several options to consider when getting rid of your unwanted goods. Selling online has never been easier. There are countless venues to do business. There are second hand market places in existing online stores, huge auction websites and a large collections of sites which post classified adverts for people to peruse. If you are looking to make a large amount of money, consider the options which take less of a cut of the profits. Some sites charge for a listing while other take a small percentage of the sale. Consider what the likely selling price is going to be and then choose the right site for you. Also consider the target market and competition on the sites: who is likely to buy and where else can they obtain the item? If you’re unwilling to venture online, you can fill a car boot and drive down to your local village green on a Sunday and join in with the British tradition of the car boot sale. Similar to the American idea of a yard sale, but as though everyone’s yard could fit in the rear of their car and was all brought to the same place, the car boot sale is a recognised method of shifting unwanted items. Be prepared to haggle over everything and you run the risk of wandering around the cars and buying items from other car boots, and thus filling up the space you’ve cleared before you get home. The car boot sale is not for the faint hearted, but can be an excellent opportunity to shift some unwanted items. For those in a charitable spirit, any unwanted items can always be donated to the large array of charity shops which line the high street up and down the country. Try to ensure that the items are in good working condition and that they are not dangerous or offensive in any way. Charity shops allow you to rid yourself of clutter, whilst at the same time knowing that any future sale will see the money being poured back towards a good cause. This will allow you to clear your conscience as well as your closet. Bear in mind the items you are trying to expunge from your life. If you know, for instance, that a friend has had his eye on the life sized Wookie model which sat in your living room, then you can consider letting him have it, knowing that it won’t fit into the new property. Better yet, you could use these items as a bribe when trying to convince your friend to assist you during the move. Should you be left with items which you cannot get rid of, or if you know that the items themselves are practically worthless, the only solution may be to throw them away. If there is any way in which the items could be recycled, find out. There’s no need to cause an economic incident if it can be helped. If you have a large numbers of unshiftable things, then consider hiring a skip before a removals firm. They are essentially the same concept, except the skip will take your things to the dump while the removals firm will take things to your new home. Just remember not to get the two mixed up.