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About Us

Putney Removals has been operating as a growing, ambitious removals company in the London area for the best part of a decade now. After cracking the art of the stressless removals experience on a smaller scale, we have recently expanded to take on the big boys and have firmly established ourselves as one of the leading UK removals firms from right here in the heart of London. What started as a family business designed to just help people moving across the city now conducts business and home removals for people looking to move right across the continent.


Our expansion has come as a result of sticking to the two maxims that we had right at the very start. The first was that it wasn’t true that moving had to be stressful. The second was the importance of keeping it simple, and both ideals are evident in both the services we offer and the prices they come at.


Nowhere is simplicity more appreciated than in the quoting aspect of the removals industry. People have become disenfranchised by the seemingly endless additional costs which mutate their original quote to a point that it bears little or no resemblance to the price they expected. That’s why we designed a unique removals assessment, designed to be as thorough as possible so that when we give you a price, it is the exact price you pay. In addition, there are no hidden fees, no bolted on costs for you to worry about. It’s simple, but it is effective and when money is tight it is really appreciated.


When it came to service the most important thing was that we got moving day right. We have invested heavily in our vehicles to maintain the most modern fleet on the road. All of our vans are regularly serviced, cleaned after every job and fitted with the toughest security systems available.


Equally, our moving staff are the crown jewels of our company. They are our representatives, and they embody everything we are about; the simple things done well. They are able to do this because we make it clear at the hiring process that unless they respect our clients and their possessions they will never make it with us. Without respect, how can we hope to offer to you the level of service that you expect? As a result, before anyone knocks on your door you know that they are going to have been highly trained and have a unique understanding of your situation which will inform their every move.


In addition, we were adamant that once you had found us, a company that you could trust, you shouldn’t have to look elsewhere for any additional services. That is why you can come to us for packing, cleaning and storage services. All of them come with our trademark free quote and what better way to reduce stress than deal with one company and one bill rather then one for each?


So wherever you are heading, whether you are after one of the moves that made our name in the city of London or something a little further afield, you can come to us for that unique level of customer service which is designed to ensure you can move house without any stress whatsoever. For your first taste of our friendly team, phone our call centre on 020 8746 9619 and let us help you get up and running.