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Color Code Method Makes Moving Smooth and Stress-free

Moving tons of boxes can be a stressful affair in relocation. Many find it difficult, not to mention time consuming to figure out which boxes go to which rooms. Today, we will share a few tips that will certainly help make the move as smooth as possible. One particular technique that you should try is the color code method.
When moving in, you may have asked some friends or relatives for help. They will assist you in carrying the boxes as quickly as possible to their designated room. As the owner of the boxes, you wouldn't want to dictate each person where to put the boxes. Hence, you need to use color stickers so everyone will automatically know which boxes should be brought in certain rooms.
Naturally, the first step is to buy colored stickers. Circle stickers are usually recommended. Once you have the colored stickers, you may assign a color for each room in the new house. Don't forget to write the allocated colors down just to make sure you can stick the right colors on every box.
The next step happens before the moving day and this will involve your new home. Go to your new home and place the color stickers on the door or the wall of the rooms. In case of two or three story houses, write number 1, 2 or 3 to represent the floor of the room.
By doing this method, your movers and moving helpers will easily identify the room each box belongs to by looking at the stickers on the boxes and the stickers of the doors. This will eliminate the difficulty of finding the proper location of the boxes when moving in.