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Getting to Know your Moving Company

So, you’ve compared quotes, you’ve looked at the comparison sites, and now you think you’re in a position at which you can choose your removals company. Hold your horses however, as getting to know your moving company before you book them is important! Also important is forging a decent relationship with them once things have been booked, as this will mean that the move is much easier, as a friendly process will often go much more smoothly than one where the relationship is not so good. You should try our hardest to do all of the research and bridge building that you can before the day of the move, to make sure that enough of an emotional connection between you and the company is in place that they want to give you their best service on the day.Firstly, are you about to book a great removals team, or are you signing yourself in to a nightmare situation? The likelihood is that you will have no idea until you try, and in this case, wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to hear from other what their service was like with this company? Well this dream is now a reality, thanks to the wonderful World Wide Web, which is full of independent reviews sites, where previous customers will upload a score for each company, as well as a review detailing their exact feelings about the company. These reviews are available for most tradesmen, so they are good to know about, as you will be able to get a great idea as to who to use and who to avoid in most walks of life. On these sites you will see a main score for each company, which is an average of the cumulative scores entered by their customers. This score will help you stack the companies against each other, so you can see who comes out on top in general. There is also a section for independent reviews, which is where you will be able to read about the specific incidents that inform the scores that each company has been awarded. You should obviously watch out for dreadful reviews, but also have a bit of insight, as sometimes a traffic jam will result in lateness, which could annoy a customer enough to make more of other little things. You should however be looking to get a company who are of as little risk as possible to you as possible. When you have used these various methods to choose your company, you will be in a position to get to know your company. Have a couple of home visits arranged, and make sure that you meet the head of the time. Offering tea, coffee and biscuits will immediately put you on the right side of them, and being friendly and open to suggestions will mean that you should not have any reason to disagree. Should you have any issues with the ways in which the team want to do things, do not protest them without thinking about how it will affect your relationship with the removals company. You have every right to the move you want, but wording a question differently may be the difference between having a team of removers who want to help you out, and having a group of surly blokes around who feel like you’re being a bit of an idiot. The latter will most likely result in a less effective move, so even if you don’t care what they think of you, it is important to make sure everything is amicable.