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Having a Hard Time with Roommates? Here are Your Moving Tips

Moving day is a hassle day for some! There are plenty of things to do. If you do the packing process at the day of the moving, you can do wrong especially when you are trying to rush your packing process. You can no longer think what things you shall put into your box. It is better if you pack your things or items before the moving day. The tips provided below are for movers who need to move out and move in to a new room.
Moving Out:
1.    Clean and check the room before the final inspection. Sign any important documents.
2.    Take pictures of the entire room after the final inspection so you can use in case of any future disputes.
3.    Pay your overdue debts or collect any money you need to reimburse from your creditor or landlord which includes prepaid rent, expenses and security deposit.
4.    Return all keys to any nominated roommate, to the homeowner or to the real estate agent.
5.    Get your own copy of signed discharge letter. Ensure the date and other important details of your move out are included.
Moving In to the New Room:
1.    Get the keys of your new room from the landlord, owner, real estate agent, or a roommate.
2.    Before you start unpacking and arranging your things, take photos of the room. You have to make sure there are no damages and other negative signs of condition of the room. If there is a spotted damage, you have to address the issue with the right person who is in charge of the house.
3.    Confirm with your new roommate or home owner the time you will arrive and move into the house.
4.    Have a copy of any signed documents. You and the nominated roommate, landlord or real estate agent must have a copy of each document.
Through the given tips above, make sure that you consider them when moving to a new location. Don't even underestimate these tips because these things will help you avoid causing problem during the moving process.