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Removals - Decor

During a move, the decorations will typically be the first thing to be packed - apart from wall décor which can be packed by the removers themselves.

The word "decorations" may refer to any number of things - from curtains and bedspreads, to fairy lights, to ceramic figurines, plants and any other non essential items that you keep with no functional purpose, other than to beautify your home. Because of this broad definition of what can be considered "decorative", it is difficult to give an exact strategy for the removals and packing of these items. However, this article lays out a broad idea of what to do with each type of decoration.

1.    Let go of your curtains. Let's face it, at the time you're moving out these are probably not in the best condition, probably not brand new and probably not worth transporting. Therefore, it would be best if you would simply recycle them. You will need to reduce the number of items you own, after all, and this is a good place to start. As for bed covers and duvets, these need to be cleaned and steamed to get rid of any dust and bacteria, after which they should be packed in vacuum-seal bags to save space in the moving van.

2.    You do not need to worry about the wall décor at this time. Generally, the removers will be able to handle this and handle it more efficiently and professionally than you would. Simply make sure that you alert them ahead of time.

3.    The carpeting is also fairly straight-forward. You will, however, need to begin dealing with these a couple of weeks in advance. This is because the carpets will need to be cleaned. Whether you opt for the "carpet shampoo and water" routine at home, or hand them over to a professional cleaner, you will need to do this at least to weeks ahead of your scheduled moving day. It is important to stretch out your work like this, so that you won't be under as much pressure come the actual moving day. The carpets then need to be rolled up, with their bottom side on the outside to prevent them from getting stained or otherwise damaged, then they should be tied with a plastic cable (ideally in more than one place) and secured in the moving van - ideally on top of something else and not in a bottom corner.

4.    The smaller decorations around the house need to be gathered up in one place - figurines, candle-sticks, statuettes, book ends, vases and anything else you can think off. They then need to be wiped clean and separated into boxes. Once, again make sure to use the space as efficiently as possible. Also, remember to take good care of anything fragile and breakable - wrap these items in bubble wrap or fill them with Styrofoam pellets, stuff the hollows around them with used paper and generally try to cushion them as much as possible. The last step is to securely seal each box and label it as fragile to alert the removers about its contents.

5.    Lastly, you will need to move your potted plants. This can be done in one of many ways, but the best and most secure way to transport plants over large distances is to hire a landscaping agent to deal with it. This is particularly appropriate, if you have a substantial collection of potted plants, which cannot be transported in the boot of your car. Alternatively, you should ask if your chosen removal company can help you with the plants. However, if the removers are not specially trained to deal  with this, you will be better off paying a landscaper.