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Ten Things That You Should Carry With You During the Move

It would be nice, just to be able to throw everything into boxes and a truck, then set off on the road to the new place but moving can be a complex and delicate act of logistics and this is how it is the majority of the time. Despite many of the preparation that people take it is sometimes necessary to hire a moving company for help with the meticulous task of a whole move and this is not a bad thing. There are some things that shouldn't be packed though, whether hiring a company to help with the move or not and these things will be noted in this article.

1)    Money is one thing that should never be packed in a box or even a bag for that matter it is best to keep this precious commodity in a safe place such as your wallet or your purse. There are many reasons why money should not be packed; the most important is so you do not lose it during the move.

2)    Important work related documents should never be packed as well. Like most people in the workforce things have deadlines and you don't want to be searching for these important work docs when you need them most.

3)    Medical records just like other important documents should be carried along on your person as well to avoid losing or having to search through boxes for them later.

4)    Passports are commonly packed and the result can be a missing passport and the trouble of having to have them replaced comes into play. For those who travel frequently this can be devastating and costly. Find a safe p[lace to carry passports on you, such as maybe your pocket.

5)    Laptop computers or touch screen items are in most cases extremely delicate and can easily be damaged if not packed with extreme care. To avoid damage to these items and prevent them from needing to be replaced it is a good idea to keep them close to the chest.

6)    Chemicals; First of all moving companies will not load, pack or move chemicals and this is because they pose a threat to the safety of everyone when being packed or transported. If chemicals are going to be carried along to the new place then they will indeed need to be carried by you.

7)    Jewelry is something that should be kept near or in other words it should not be packed and it should be transported personally.

8)    Firearms should never be packed in boxes for obvious reasons and to ensure that they do not end up in the wrong hands.

9)    Sentimental items such as watches or heirlooms should also be carried personally to avoid accidental damage. As careful as movers are accidents do happen and to make sure your most dear items are kept safe it may be a good idea to move them yourself.

10)    Anything that you may need right away after arriving at the new destination should be carried along with you as well. You may want to have a specific box that is carried along with you that has all the items needed immediately can be held.