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The Moving Calendar: A Day to Day Guide for Hassle-Free Moving

The key to keeping your stress levels low when moving to a new home is planning in advance. Use this handy day-to-day moving guide to help you stay organised before moving day. You can even have weekends off to relax!

Four weeks before moving
Days 1 & 2. Go through all your items and furniture and separate those you want to bring and those you want to sell or donate to charity. Prepare for a yard sale, if you have enough items you can sell.

Day 3. Ask your doctor and dentist if they can recommend any doctors or practitioners near your new neighborhood. Ask them to give you your medical and dental records.

Day 4. Check if your new home is insured against fire, theft, etc. Talk to your children's school to see if they can transfer their records to the new school.

Day 5. Buy boxes, tape and other materials to prepare to pack.

Three weeks before moving

Days 1 & 2. Start using up items in your home which cannot be transported such as cleansers, hair sprays and home sprays. Start consuming the food in your refrigerator as well.

Day 3. Check and have your tax assessments cleared. Start packing items that you don't use regularly.

Day 4. Check all your appliances and have them looked at and serviced before moving. There might not be service centers for all the brands you have in your new neighborhood.

Day 5. Go to your post office and tell them of your plans to move. Fill out "change of address" forms for magasine subscriptions.

Two weeks before moving.

Day 1 & 2. Return everything you've borrowed--from library books to appliances and other items from neighbors and friends. Check your laundromat to see if you have any drycleaning items left. Be sure to check if you owe any of your friends or co-workers anything.

Day 3. Call all utility companies and arrange for their services to be discontinued.

Day 4. Continue packing items, going from room to room, leaving only those you use daily like toiletries.

Day 5. Be sure to fix utilities, such as electricity, gas and water, in your new home.

One week before moving

Day 1. Close your bank accounts or have the bank transfer your account to a branch near your new neighborhood.

Day 2.Prepare the cash you need during the trip and for paying your movers.

Day 3. Finalise packing all your appliances, furniture and other items.
Seal boxed and label them.

Day 4. Start packing your clothes in suitcases.

Day 5. Double check your house to be sure that all gas has been drained from gas-powered appliances and all water has been drained from hoses.
Check all rooms to make sure nothing is left behind. Clean and defrost refrigerator.

Moving to a new home doesn't have to be a headache once you get the hang of what to do and when to do them. Print out the guide above to help you move to your new home with ease.