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Three Steps of Office Removal

Due to downsizing , many companies have to move their office to a smaller place. Packing all the office equipment and moving them to a new office may seem like an easy task to do, but you may encounter many problems, if you don't know the right way to pack and move your office.

In this article, you will find some basic steps you have to go through, when moving an office.

Step one: Select a moving company

When you are packing your office the first thing you need to do is choose a moving company to transport your office equipments. Before choosing a company, do a thorough research and find out how much will relocation cost you. You can contact each selected company and request an information about charging and prices. Another important thing you should take care of is the insurance policy. Most moving companies will provide you with a guarantee, while with the other you may have to buy the insurance. For your own comfort and safety, you better choose a company, which can offer you an insurance policy. Have in mind, that some moving companies may offer you mover's valuation, which is not exactly an insurance although it serves the same purpose. Find out what the valuation will cover and how much will that cost you.

Step two: How to pack

Office removal is quite different than packing and moving your home. There are many office equipments, which require a special attention and knowledge to pack. Make sure to cover every item in a bubble wrap , to protect them during the move. Most people have some difficulties when packing the computer. Here is how it should be done: First and most important , before packing the computer, make sure that you have backed up all the important data When packing the computer in the boxes, make sure you label all equipment so you know what belongs together. Since packing takes a lot of time, you can have all your employees help you with it. You can organize a packing day and require everyone to be present and help with the packing. This way, you will not lose more time and you don't have to pay to professional mover to pack your office equipment.

Step three:

When you are done with the packing, make sure to label each box. Write on the box the following information: employee's name, what is in the box, where should it be placed in the new office, special signs like fragile, and you may also number the boxes that you want to be unpacked immediately. Make sure to place these signs in different place on the box, so it will be easier to identify them later. It is a good idea , after labeling the boxes to make an inventory list. You can write down the number of each box and describe what is in there. Making an inventory list will help you keep a track of the things you are packing and moving to the new office.

These are the three most important steps, you should go through when packing your office. If you find it difficult to decide where to start from and how to organize your move, follow the list. It is very important to keep in mind that , when moving your office you should organize yourself and have all your employees take part in the moving process. When packing, have each employee clean up their desks and pack only the items they will need in the new office.