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What to Ask an Estate Agent

When you've finally decided to sell your house, waste no time. Create a shortlist of at least three real estate agents.  When doing so, here are a few questions you can ask each of them. Use this to determine who can best sell your property.   * Stability. Ask how long he has been in the business and the company he belongs to.   * Experience. Ask what kind of properties he has experience in selling.  Ask the last time he sold a property and what type.   * Client Leads. Consider how much clientele they have in their books.  You would need all the exposure that you can.   * Advertising. It's no simple task to try to market a property.  Check where they advertise and what their target market is.   * Communication. The number of persons you have to deal with is essential too.  You have to know who to contact regarding whatever query you may have.   *Onsite Viewing. Do ask how they entertain clients who wish to view the property.  Also consider the policies they have regarding onsite viewing.   * Affiliations. If the agent belongs from a reputable company, he or the company must at least be affiliated with one of the many organisations widely known in the real estate industry.   * Contract. Enquire about their policies once you sign them up to sell your property.  Check how you can be secure especially when they cannot deliver satisfying results.   * Fees. Ask how they charge and how much they charge.  See if you can haggle and check if there are additional or hidden fees.   * Property valuation. Ask what their basis is for placing a value on a property.  Get their opinions regarding the real estate market and how they can sell your property.   Lastly, do trust your gut feel in choosing an agent. You have to be comfortable in communicating with him.